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Say Goodbye To Hollywood.

Hollywood Montrose was a very revolutionary character in 1987. He was gay and flamboyant but he was also depicted as smart, witty, supportive, loyal and brave. He had a love life, he had abilities beyond just being gay and most of all, being his friend wasn’t depicted as weird or negative.

In fact when the security guard utters a couple of homophobic comments about him, Andrew Maccarthy’s character stands up for him and calls the security guard a “bigoted jerk.” For 1987, that was downright groundbreaking.

While some people bristled as his absurdly over-the-top depiction of a flamboyant gay man, taking a step back to see Mannequin on the whole, MOST characters are absurd caricatures. James Spader’s smarmy yuppie villain, the creepy Italian horn dog, the bitchy career woman, even Estelle Getty’s absent-minded and mouthy old lady store owner.

Meshach Taylor went on, of course, to be much more beloved and well-known for his character Anthony, the handyman from Designing Women. But to me he’ll always be Hollywood.

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  1. Jason
    July 12, 2014

    Loved that movie by the way, and The Birdcage and To Wong Fu ( I think that’s how it’s spelled)

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