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Paul Wilde’s Last Day

It was rather bitter sweet, really.

Paul and I had met on the set of Incubus, the first Titanmen movie I’d worked on. Neither of us knew it at the time, but Brian Mills had been planning to retire from porn for a while and pursue other interests and was looking for someone to replace him.

That someone was me.

Paul wasn’t really expecting, I don’t think, to ever have the captain’s chair at Titan. He was always happy directing the Titan Rough movies and the odd Titanmen feature. He always had a way of making those fetish movies pop off the screen and his movie Slick Dogs is still one of my favorites. I also loved Triage.

After Brian left and Paul took over, he and I were thrust together to be the two directors of Titanmen. We both have VERY different styles of doing everything which meant that we argued a lot about stuff, thus leading to, I think, some fantastic movies.

Paul left Titanmen late last winter and with very little public fanfare, I was dragged kicking and screaming ushered to the captain’s chair myself. Being head of production of my favorite porn studio ever is both a wonderful and terrifying prospect but with the two mentors I’ve had at this studio (three if you count Joe Gage who’s been such an amazing influence on me… but we’ll get to him another time), I think I’ve got about as much on-the-job training as I can have.

This video was shot when we wrapped the final scene on his last shot movie (there will be more he did coming out later), Fast Paced.

We all wish Paul luck.

(now wish it for me…)

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