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Jasun MArk

what the flame looks like
To The Moth…

Wide Awake Production Diary

I’ve decided to challenge myself again.
Watch the movie as it unfolds.

Painting With Light

Who I Am And What IDo.

My Name Is Jasun Mark

Pornographer, Pervert,
Instigator, Antagonist,
Blogger, Brother,
Director, Photographer,
Editor, Videographer,
Canadian, Comedian.
Musician, Fornicator,
Biker, Documentarian.

Opinions are like assholes. Mine is untouchable, yours is fucked.

Jasun Mark

Who I am.

Jasun Mark Selected Projects

Nightfall (director)
Grind (director)
Working Stiff (director)
Wide Awake (director)
Dick Danger (director)
Splatter In The Grass (director)
Porn U (director)
So You Think You Can Fuck (consulting director/photographer)

Fratmen: going down (documentarian)

When I was young, people tried to make me ashamed. They failed.

Someone once asked me “wouldn’t you rather make movies that everyone can enjoy?”
I answered “there’s no such thing.”


…and I’m not sorry.


Jasun Mark Selected Projects

Project Phoenix (editor)
Birthday Cake (editor)


…everything is porn.


Shut Up, Jasun.


I hear myself scream

Favorite Projects This is what I do.

Heavens Rise
Time Bomb.
Wide Awake Submerged
Birthday Cake
Fratmen: going down
Painting With Light
Circular Photography
Wide Awake Goldfish Pond

Make fear your motivator. There isn’t much worth doing that isn’t scary in one way or another.

– Jasun


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