My Arrival At Island House…

IMG_4810Few things worth doing are that easy to do.

So it should come as little shock that my trip from Los Angeles to Key West and my home-away-from-home Island House was… let’s say… a bit delayed.

Now everyone has ordeals while traveling and complaining about them is so First World Problems that I’m not going to act like I was hard-done-by or get upset I didn’t get a free trip from the airline.

Shit. Happens.

However… when we were about to finish our final leg of the trip on a puddle jumper from Orlando to Ft. Meyers to Key West, a man at the back of the plane suddenly few into a bit of a panic when were we JUST about to take off and had to get off the plane.

This meant that we had to sit around in the plane and eventually in the airport for about 2.5 hours while waiting for a new approval of our flight plan.

So instead of getting to the Keys in time for a late dinner, we arrived in time to have a drink and go to bed.

But who cares? We’re here. Key West has been my home away from home for years and I’m hoping that I will one day retire here (unless I’m taken out by a Mack Truck on the 5 while lane splitting on my Vulcan). This is a perfect time to come visit if you want a quiet, laid-back vacation. It’s between any of the big celebrations so few people come here and there’s always a chair by the pool where you can sit down and read.

Yeah, there are plenty of naked men running around but I see those at work.

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