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Jimmy Somerville celebrates the 30th anniversary of Small Town Boy

It’s been 30 years since Age Of Consent came out?

I have to admit that when this song came out, the video with his stark and honest depiction of a young gay man running away from home was a bit too much for me to really take and I completely turned my back on the band until their next album (without Jimmy) came out and it could just be a bit party.

I wasn’t ready for it at the time.

But since then I’ve grown to love that album and it’s pretty fun to see that 30 years later, he’s still got that same voice…

Filmed in May 2014 at Rak Studios, St Johns Wood, London
Vocals: Jimmy Somerville
Piano: Nick Nasmyth
Directed by: Freddie Hall (Twitter@FredHall89)
Director of Photography: Josh Adams (mrjoshadams@hotmail.co.uk)

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