I guess I should have seen this coming…

BRWcK_hCEAACrQpOK I gotta say… in a way it’s SO fucked up that I went to film school for years, I clawed my way to my dream job directing for Titanmen through 4 studios and 2 countries and spent hours and weeks and months honing my skills and thousands of dollars learning how to do my CG and lighting techniques and camera techniques and my directing skills and editing and music composition and teaching myself how to write code by hand and studying photography and videography from the best people I could find…

Directed about 200 scenes for Cocksure Men, I’d say about 50 of which are excellent and I’m VERY proud of… 5 movies for Titanmen that I’m MEGA proud of including Nightfall and WideAwake that were both excruciating exercises in production that ended up with stunningly brilliant visuals that never distracted from the porn itself but made it hotter…. if I don’t say so myself.

Worked on Mainstream movies and a new SciFi Web Series….


The three things I’m best known for are a jack-off race at Fratpad, swallowing a hot dog whole and getting caught jerking off in my office by Jake Cruise.


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