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How To Talk To Your Idiot Conservative Friends About the Hobby Lobby Decision.

Tired of your idiot conservative/Christian friends telling you that “the one picking up the tab shouldn’t have to pay for drugs they don’t approve of?”

While those of us who actually care about people other than ourselves know that we should all make our own healthcare decisions and not allow a doctor’s advice to be over-ridden by a hypocritical yet superstitious employer… Many of those arguments fall on dead ears. Mostly because it seems that the supporters of the Hobby Lobby decision don’t actually have female body parts or know how they work.

So while arguing with them, try to stay focused… Don’t mention that this clearly opens the door for employers to refuse to allow company health insurance to cover things like HIV meds or Hepatitis/HPV vaccines, that’s also something straight guys don’t think they have to worry about.

Don’t allow them to turn this into a “you just want to have your fun and make someone else pay for it” diatribe. Although if they do go there, remind them that Hobby Lobby still has no problem covering Viagra or vasectomies for men.

But most of all…

Please remind them that what a lot of men don’t understand (since they’re scared of lady parts) is that those drugs are also VERY commonly used by women to regulate and reduce pain caused by ovarian cysts (amongst other ailments) which most women are born with and become inflamed if their body is exposed to certain hormone levels. They can help women regulate their cycles and help reduce the symptoms of endometriosis.

They’re not just so they don’t get pregnant.

And of course… that health care is not some generous gift. It’s part of the pay package… the employees DO in fact, pay for it as part of their salary deductions. Hobby Lobby is actually NOT ALLOWING their employees to use THEIR MONEY that THEY EARNED to choose their own healthcare options.
THAT is the issue. Nobody is asking for anything for free. Nobody is asking for “drugs that kill babies.”

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