grnd_dvd_frontWell gents… here it is. My second movie for Titanmen.

It’s called Grind.

This was shot over quite a long period. I had a picture in my mind of how I wanted it to look. I wanted it to be organic… rough-edged. I wanted a very low-fi feel. That meant unlike Nightfall where I created a very vibrant look that came exploding from the dark, Grind has a very textural background, it’s bright and rich but also a bit muted. I didn’t crank the saturation or bottom out the darks. I wanted the men to look like a part of their surroundings, I wanted this to look real… the opposite of the surreal world I made for Nightfall.

I also wanted to really hit people over the head with the polar contrast right off the top. Nightfall starts with a rather stunning view of downtown Los Angeles in pitch dark with the bright lights trailing around. Grind starts with an identical view (shot off a friend’s roof in the warehouse he lives in downtown) but in blinding direct sunlight.

Nightfall had sex that was a bold but cautious step into the dark instincts of the men.


Grind has the men proudly out in the open. I figured that starting a movie with two men making out on top of a building downtown in a city of 16 million people was about as proudly in the open as you can get.

This scene stars Jessy Ares and James Corman. I loved the dynamic between them and the action is amazing. Jessy fucked like a monster and James took it all with that strained look of determination of a bottom who’s getting JUST what he wants.

Can’t wait to show you the whole movie. It’s on DVD now only at the Titanmen Store.

And of course, streaming in crystal-clear HD at


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