Disney Prince Dicks. No Really.

czrrushdkvigait04wy1OK yes, I think we’re all occasionally guilty of getting a bit fixated on fictional characters. I’ll admit to having wanked off to the bad guy in Titan A.E. whose name I forget and I’m sure I had a few filthy dreams about Batman.

So did you and don’t lie.

The crowd over at Jezebel took it a step further with these… imagined naked cartoon portraits of Disney princes.

Which.. hey… why not?

Now for a website that seems to maybe lay it on a bit thick with the anti-sexist slant every so often and all, I’m maybe a bit confused by their clear desperation to sink to a few vaguely offensive stereotypes… muscle men have tiny dicks, black men have huge dicks, most of the white guys are cut.

But meh.. I’ll forget all that because..




Check out the full collection here.

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