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My next Titanmen movie Morning Wood will be released this month.

Some might remember that last year, I’d shot the first scene with Josh West and Jesse Jackman. Also in this movie are Dario Beck, Tom Wolfe (I’ll have a story about that scene soon), Nick Prescott and Tyler Edwards.

Coming soon to Titanmen.


  1. Kevin
    August 8, 2014

    Look forward to it and the story you promise.

    So, I know you had the concepts for your films like Dick Danger and Nightfall. Is that how things develop at Titan–you come in with the concept and they let you shape and work on it? Or do they make suggestions you then formulate from? Or is it a mix of both?

    • Jasun
      August 10, 2014

      This needs to be a shut up jasun. But they give me a lot of free reign on my movies.

  2. Kevin
    August 10, 2014

    That’d be cool when you have time for it. I liked the Shut Ups of the past but really that is what I would like to see it become today personally: descriptions and stories and answers about your work. I love when you post behind the scenes stuff and would love to see you talk about it. Thanks.

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