Shut Up, Jasun: Making A Manly Voice Edition

(I kinda bunged up the editing in this and it can sound like I’m saying that Singin’ In The Rain has a bit where Gene Kelly sounds gay. What I’m talking about is another movie that Sid Caesar did (I forget the name) which featured a male romantic actor being laughed out of a screening because of his funny voice.)

People ask me about my voice a lot. It’s a bit lower and louder than you’d expect from a little person such as myself. Before anyone accuses me of trying to say I’m “straight acting,” I’m like.. SO not straight acting that the Queen of Venus and the King of Uranus know I’m gay.

Day at the BluQ in Key West

We spent the day on a gay snorkeling day cruise, hanging out with naked and semi-naked men having a blast and making friends and laughing and yes, getting sun-burned butts.

The Blu Q is a perfect day for beginners but if you know what you’re doing you’ll have fun, too. And what could be more fun than male bonding in the ocean?

More pictures from our day on my blog. We had a great time that day, made some new friends and checked out the ocean. If you’re in Key West and want to have a lot of fun (and are fine with spending the day with a bunch of gay men, many of whom are naked), check out for more info