Where The Bears Are Season 3. Episode 1.

They’ve worked their asses off to do this one. Season 3 is the biggest yet and fans forked over $160,000 to help fund the show. Clearly they’re on to something.

You can catch up with the previous seasons and one-off specials here.

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Anderson Cooper can’t say “Vagina.” So we have that in common.

Ok so… as you all know, I have directed gay porn movies for about 8 years. 10 if you count me producing live shows.

What some of you may NOT know is that while I was directing the Cocksure Men line for Jake Cruise… I also directed quite a few straight porn scenes for our “sister site” SG4GE (Straight Guys For Gay Eyes).


While I did that work for about 4 years… I never ONCE used a word for… that part of the female anatomy. I could use verbs like “lick” or “tongue” or “finger” but I could never actually assign a word to that particular body part.

And once while trying to get a proper under shot… I actually touched one with the back of my hand. I finished the shot, got up… ran to the green room, washed my hand and came back on set. Everyone laughed. They understood.


So Anderson…even though I’m sure you’d deny ever meeting me if we ever did…. just know that I feel your pain.

“Vagina” is also not “in my wheelhouse.”

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John Stuart kinda owns Texas Republicans.

I still say that we should just get our chainsaws, show up at the border, cut Texas off and let it sink into the gulf. OR… float away. Whatever.

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Antonio Da Silva’s ‘Dancers.’ Hot men dancing naked… yes.

Anton Da Silva has brought us some of the hottest erotica art videos I’ve ever seen. His video Gingers is still on my regular view list and his clips Bankers and Mates are classic “quick gay sex” videos that will blow your mind with how beautifully shot they are while still managing to remain “porn” in the classic sense.

Thirty-five Portuguese dancers undress in front of the camera. They become the object of desire with a sensual provocative performance. Eclectic dance disciplines help this film to explore an exhibitionist view of the male nude.

This is a statement about the current financial situation in Portugal and the lack of fundings to support artistic initiatives. All contributions from this film will be given to the participants of DANCERS film, to encourage and inspire them, for them to give you one more private dance! These artists are not afraid to challenge the general thinking about male nudity and they showcase the potential of creative Portuguese performance arts.

After all, the penis also can dance.

Check out Dancers here.

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PROJECT: PHOENIX Episode 6: “Happy Trails to You”

an original web series for

Written and Directed by Chad Darnell
Executive Producers: Patrick Murray, Diane Ademu-John, Tina Travis and Chad Darnell
Producer: Kathy Weiss
Starring: Lee Meriwether, Sherilyn Fenn, James Logan, Shanda Lee Munson, Linc Hand, Justin Welborn, and Kathy Deitch.

We had a GREAT time doing this series. We shot the whole thing in 5 days, a budget of $12,000 and a fantastic cast. We’ve learned a LOT from doing this series and I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed it. We’re still hoping to do a season 2, but it’s become such a launch pad for all of our careers, that might have to wait a while. Tell me in the comments what you think.

Visit our website.

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Brendan Fehr Interview about Night Shift

It’s not mentioned here, but Fehr’s character Drew is revealed as a closeted gay military doctor in the pilot episode.

I’ve only seen the pilot but I’m looking forward to seeing how they handle his character. Doesn’t hurt that the show was great.

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How To Talk To Your Kid About Michael Sam

Yeah… this is about it.


Oh… Oh dear.

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Material Girl

Meh… what else are you going to do when your hour-and-fourty minute drive takes over four hours because of the traffic?

We had to do something to entertain ourselves.

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Hunky Bearded Bear Scientist.

I don’t think Jimmy FallonĀ is funny. I don’t get him.

But this was a fun sequence with the hot bear science guy. I’ll gladly give him a whack any time he wants.

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Jamie Kilstein on Gay Marriage With Lewis Black Ron White & Kathleen Madigan


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