CNN “Reporter” and professional bimbo Rachel Crane can’t fit the iPhone into the front pocket of her work-inappropraite pants.

Yes, before anyone else says it, it’s very sexist to make fun of dumber-than-average women by calling them Bimbo. YOU try to make it through this excruciating fluff piece by Rachel Crane without thinking it. I dare you.

In this baffling “news” story, Ms. Crane entertains us with many close-ups of her butt and crotch as she tries very very hard to squeeze an iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ into the front pocket. Funny enough on its own, the act is made funnier by the skank jeans that are so tight she has trouble walking in them for the gratuitous butt shot.

Does she really wear those things to work?

She struggles with the phone in a way you generally only see frustrated house wives struggle with a Saran Wrap roll in informercials.

By the end, Rachel has decided on the iPhone 6 because she doesn’t wear cargo pants or something.

Honestly, I thought all the bubble-headed blondes were working at Fox.

Why Do Men Get Erections In The Morning? | IFLScience

Since my newest Titanmen movie Morning Wood is out… I figured this was topical.

Morning glories, or nocturnal penile tumescence (NPT) as they are correctly called, are spontaneous erections that occur during sleep or while waking up. All blokes without erectile dysfunction are graced with them and they normally occur around three to five timesduring sleep.

NPT actually starts in uteroor in the womb (seriously), and continues throughout life. If it’s any consolation, men aren’t completely alone—women also get clitoral erections and vaginal engorgement during sleep, and various nonhuman mammals also get NPT.

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Why Do Men Get Erections In The Morning? | IFLScience.


Photo Shoot: Jesse Jackman

We shot a few scenes at the beautiful house of a friend of mine last year. We shot the Patio Scene from Stag with Alessio Romero and Brayden Forrester in his side garden, the Leather Armchair scene from Wet with Brayden along side Nick Prescott (in his first-ever scene). We shot a Couch scene from Worked Over with Shay Michaels and Ray Nicks.

(we also shot a scene with Ray Nicks and Alessio Romero that hasn’t come out yet).

And then we shot the scene from my newest Titanmen movie Morning Wood with Jesse Jackman and Josh West.. I had conceived of a movie that was nothing but guys waking up in each other’s arms and having sex before doing anything else.

We shot that scene in my friend’s bed. He wanted a scene shot in his own bed.

The other request was “can you shoot some pictures in my bath tub?” So I grabbed Jesse and my camera and… here’s what I got…