Cheerios tells the story of a gay couple adopting their daughter.
While the connection to the breakfast cereal is tenuous at best, the story is rather sweet. Two very handsome French Canadian men tell the story of meeting on a blind date and knowing it was “the one” and then adopting their daughter. The “Cheerios Effect” is a phenomenon where cheerios floating in milk will attract each other due to surface tension. So the idea, I guess, is that they were all brought together by a relatively simple scientific… thing.

Meh, I’m sure that some group of Christians will lose their shit soon enough.

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Beautifully Handled Post-DADT Story on The Night Shift (Spoiler Alert)

The hybrid Hospital/Military NBC Soap Opera “The Night Shift” introduced and outed the military doctor Drew Alistar (Brendan Fehr) in the pilot episode but he’s kept his sexuality very hidden until this week’s episode where his boyfriend (played by the very handsome, Canadian and very out Luke MacFarland) returned from Afghanistan as a patient.


While Drew stayed closeted and playing “the friend from school” for most of the episode, the final moments were beautifully handled and it’s great to see an actual gay soldier story in the post DADT world shown on national broadcast TV.

While the One Million Moms would usually go on full-on hysteria alert because of it, Nightshift has announced that they’re on for a second season so without the hopes of claiming victory for a cancellation like they usually do… they’ll probably keep their uptight traps shut on this one.

Personal Note: Brendan Fehr (whom some of you will remember from Roswell) had been poorly quoted by Gay Star News as saying that kissing a man was “Uncomfortable” and I called him out on Twitter for it. Brendan answered me back, quite nicely, and explained that the quote had been edited down in such a way that it took away the rather positive spin he put on it in his interview for Too Fab.

You can thank him on Twitter yourself.

Seriously, guys, it was the best and most emotionally-charged dude/dude kiss since the Captain Jack Harkness episode of Torchwood.

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