Day Drinking is SO much cooler when you call it “Going To Venice Beach.”

Sunday in LA. Too hot to go hiking or bike riding, too nice out to hide inside. Venice Beach is a very odd amalgam of street performers, street artists, hippies, body builders, skate boarders, stoners, tourists and locals who come to see the show. You’ll see some cool art, you’ll see some angry political radicals ranting about… things. You’ll see local kids playing basketball and people with huge pet snakes charging you a dollar to have your picture taken with it wrapped around your neck.

There are some disturbing things… homeless people asking well-dressed tourists for change, people selling exhausted-looking puppies. It’s never really clear if this is just people whose dog has had unwanted puppies or if this is a back-alley puppy mill making puppies and selling them for $25 to total strangers.

But there are also some wonderful things you’ll see. Mostly just a very fun sense of community that prevails even in an area that’s so diverse and insane. It’s one of my favorite parts of the city.

The view from here.


It always takes me a while to get reset once I get on vacation and when your job includes recruiting hot men to perform, going to a gay clothing optional resort is kind of a distraction.

I’ll deal. So far I’ve seen a “straight” star from Sean Cody and his rather cute boyfriend and a couple of men whom I’ll try to talk into shooting with us. But for now, I’m relaxing by the pool and enjoying my book (I’m rereading the new Christopher Rice book The Vines which I highly recommend as a good beach read. It doesn’t hurt that he thanks me in the acknowledgements for helping on his internet radio show The Dinner Party Show.”

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Island House Here We Come…

Carlo and I have been regular visitors to Island House in Key West for a few years now. It’s like our home away from home. The “best gay resort in the world” was listed for sale recently and all the fans and regulars were a bit nervous… would the new owners change it away from the pitch-perfect place we’d grown to know and love?

Seems so… because no prospective buyers were interested in keeping Island House the same. So instead of selling out and seeing such a special thing go away, Island House was taken off the market.

To celebrate, we booked an extended 10-day stay at our favorite get away. We’ll be there at the beginning of October. I can’t wait.

The above video was one I edited a couple years ago for their “Island House After Dark” campaign. But here’s a video where I answer a few Frequently Asked Questions about it…

And of course, my first visit there…

and finally… some of the debauchery that I get to when I’m there…

The Drive Up To Lazy Bear…


It’s a 7-hour drive. So a lot of people fly. We just take turns at the wheel, listen to music, talk, play games and get there. While there are a few night events like Bon fires, Lazy Bear is all about the pool parties and afternoon events. I’ll let you know everything I’m up to…