Where The Bears Are – Season 3: Episode 3 BAD BEAR DAY on Vimeo

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Where The Bears Are Season 3, Episode 2

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Battle For The Heart of Silverlake.

Screenshot 2014-08-07 20.19.03   I love my neighborhood of Silverlake where I’ve lived for nearly 10 years. It’s my home. I love my favorite coffee places and restaurants. I spend hours at Vacation Vinyl talking about music and buying records. It’s the kind of place where I can walk in and the owner or staff know just what has come in that I haven’t heard but will love. But eventually everything cool gets wrecked and now that we have an amazing Los Angeles neighborhood, all the monied trust fund brats are coming in and out-pricing the kinds of people who make the neighborhood special. We’ve seen other great areas like Venice Beach slowly become out of reach for nearly anyone but the richest of the rich. It’s sad to see. But it’s happy to see the people fighting back. Listen to the whole story at NPR. The house next to ours was torn down and built back up very quickly… and then sold to a couple to give to their 23 year-old daughter who’s in college. Because all 23 year-old college students need their own $750,000 house purchased for them. We really do need another French Revolution.

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