Serious problems voting in South Silverlake

My neighborhood is very diverse. Racially, socially and economically. The lack of proper voting machines and voter’s lists, even privacy stations… That’s a serious problem. When the process of voting isn’t private and isn’t easy… And takes a long time for each person… That’s gonna be a massive bottleneck juggernaut by the afternoon. That’s not ok.

Shut Up, Jasun: Highway To The Comfort Zone Edition

It doesn’t matter how much he loves you… if you’re not comfortable having sex without condoms, you don’t. Stand firm on that. You’re protecting him and you. And You. Your health is your responsibility and you have to make the decisions about how you’ll protect yourself. If he can’t accept that… he’s going to have to learn to.

Shut Up, Jasun: Hardly Working

Production Run Day One. Finally finished. A new cameraman to train, the return of Jay Bentley. Shooting outside in the 113° heat of Palm Springs, we had a lighting failure, a near-disaster with a tripod knock-over, our caterer broke his ankle, my printer ran out of ink while printing out release forms… But we made it. Data transferred, Tyler Rush picked up at the airport, tomorrow’s scene all planned and I’m ready to tackle tomorrow after a nice long sleep. Which I really need…

If you want to rent the house where we’re shooting, check out the website at

Gay Porn Star Matrix

This is what happens when you shoot video of gay porn stars choreographing fight moves and then hand the tapes to a video editor with a warped sense of humor. This is from the 2006 Titanmen movie Spy Quest 2 that starred the handsome Spencer Quest. There’s a totally X-rated version of this over at Mancast.