Lucky Numbers

I’m sure it’s difficult to picture me 24 years ago with a big, shaggy beard and long hair, wearing lots of snake skin boots, paisley shirts, torn up/sewn back 501 jeans, skull adorned bandanas and sunglasses. But I did. Because I was (and remain) a huge fan of Dave Stewart. While many of my gay counterparts were enamoured with Annie Lennox, I instead became a bigger fan of Dave (and if you don’t get the reference, together they formed the most fascinating and compelling pop act of the 80s, The Eurythmics).

Lucky-Numbers-Dave-Stewart-Cover2She was all slick and shocking style, he was grunge before grunge had a name.

Her first solo album after The Eurythmics came to an end was called “Diva” and was a beautiful landscape of organic melancholy. His first solo album was loud and abrasive and had songs about bums in the streets, women drowning at crazy Hollywood parties and voice mails from Jack Nicholson.

There was also a B-side called “Love Calculator” that was one of those songs I caught myself singing every so often for no reason… it was just a happy little song.

I actually like Dave’s cover on Instant Karma (which was only available as a B-side of the 10″ of one of the singles) better than the Lennon/Ono original.

Either way.. both Annie and Dave are extremely talented musicians, but I’ve always felt more of a kinship to his dirty jeans, poorly-kempt hair, drunken and rough edged approach to everything he does.

Here’s his new single. LOVE it.

Can we please stop hating on Star Trek Into Darkness?

I finally got my Star Trek Into Darkness soundtrack on vinyl this week. It’s been delayed for months and I’d given up hope that it would ever actually get released.





Entertainment Weekly’s Popwatch blog recently posted a story about how, while the movie was initially well-received, the disdain toward it grew and now even the writers and director and producers have met the angry response with an equally angry response that really serves no one.

I was one of the guys who figured out we were about to be given a remake of Wrath Of Khan a month or so before the movie came out. I flat-out refused to see the movie because I HATED Khan.

I was pissed because I loved the first Star Trek reboot and had been looking forward to this movie for ages. Called “Into Darkness,” it gave the impression that we’d made it through a very bright, lens-flare-filled and optimistic film and would now watch at the new timeline created in the first film was plunged into war. Instead, we rebooted the whole Star Trek Universe only to have the same old tired characters and stories retold to us yet again.

But I got over it quickly and saw the movie two weeks into it’s run. And while I agreed with every one of the complaints (tired characters, overly-familiar stories, confusing plot points, nothing particularly exciting to see that we hadn’t seen before other than a bright red planet in the opening minutes), I still enjoy the movie a lot. Because all the petty complaints aside, it’s a good movie.

Let’s hope the third one will give us just what we want. We all knew eventually they’d have to truck out Klingons, Khan, Tribbles, blowing up San Francisco, Kirk’s future baby mama and breaking the Prime Directive.

Let’s be happy they did it all in one film and now we can REALLY go where none of us have gone before.

Emotional Roller Coaster Ride…


I’m on the front porch of my house in my secluded, private garden and I’m crying. This fucked up emotional roller coaster and keep away game and fake outs has been going on for years and it just hit me that…. it’s over. we won.

So much build up and I woke up to a brand new world that broke while I was asleep.

I realize it isn’t REALLY over… there are still 37 states where we have to work to get marriage equality and if we learned anything from the events of yesterday it’s that the fight will never really be over. With the Voting Rights being struck down, Texas took less than two hours to move on their voter ID laws and gerrymandering to disenfranchise as many voters as they could and then late last night, they committed flagrant voter fraud in front of a quarter of a million people watching it live and then arrested the women protesting… There’s a lot of work to be done. But today… the Texas SB5 law they pretended got passed was begrudgingly declared dead and now DOMA and Prop8 are gone forever.

So while we know that we can never stop fighting… we know that together… we CAN win this.

So let’s now focus on those 37 states and rebuilding voting rights for all Americans.

…after we party a bit tonight.

Canadians… is there NOTHING they can’t do?

Ok so… I’ve talked about how one of my best friends works for NASA, currently on one of the Mars projects (not Curiosity, btw… and no, it’s not Bobak). And I’ve always been fascinated by the things he does and talks about. It’s not often that you have a stunningly hot gay muscle skinhead who comes to your house and tells you about the work he’s doing on Spaceships while you share a cigar and a martini. Unless you’re me, and then it happens maybe once a month.

Anyway… Chris Hadfield, Canadian astronaut, sings “Space Oddity.” Beautifully. And plays the guitar. Well.

More than that, this is the first time a music video that’s set in space is actually shot in space and uses no CGI in any way at all. The video is stunning… beautiful. And gorgeously edited and directed. I also would like to note that while I was very upset when Baz Lurhman changed “Heroes” for his movie Moulin Rouge, but I’m just fine with Chris changing up the end of this song to allow Major Tom to make it home to earth.

Since people have asked, yes… he’s actually recording an album. In Space.

David Bowie’s response on his Facebook page: “It’s possibly the most poignant version of the song ever created.”