Lucky Numbers

I’m sure it’s difficult to picture me 24 years ago with a big, shaggy beard and long hair, wearing lots of snake skin boots, paisley shirts, torn up/sewn back 501 jeans, skull adorned bandanas and sunglasses. But I did. Because I was (and remain) a huge fan of Dave Stewart. While many of my gay counterparts were enamoured with Annie Lennox, I instead became a bigger fan of Dave (and if you don’t get the reference, together they formed the most fascinating and compelling pop act of the 80s, The Eurythmics).

Lucky-Numbers-Dave-Stewart-Cover2She was all slick and shocking style, he was grunge before grunge had a name.

Her first solo album after The Eurythmics came to an end was called “Diva” and was a beautiful landscape of organic melancholy. His first solo album was loud and abrasive and had songs about bums in the streets, women drowning at crazy Hollywood parties and voice mails from Jack Nicholson.

There was also a B-side called “Love Calculator” that was one of those songs I caught myself singing every so often for no reason… it was just a happy little song.

I actually like Dave’s cover on Instant Karma (which was only available as a B-side of the 10″ of one of the singles) better than the Lennon/Ono original.

Either way.. both Annie and Dave are extremely talented musicians, but I’ve always felt more of a kinship to his dirty jeans, poorly-kempt hair, drunken and rough edged approach to everything he does.

Here’s his new single. LOVE it.

Gay Porn Star Boogie Shoes Karaoke

Yes. It was Glee Day in the car that day. I do have to say that the moment from the show where this song is performed is one of the most uplifting moments in TV history. A young transgendered girl showing up in public dressed as a female for the first time… on stage in front of a huge audience. I think what I love about it so much is that while I can’t exactly relate to being transgendered, I CAN relate to finally saying “fuck it” and just laying everything about myself out for everyone to see and not really giving a shit about who likes it and who doesn’t.