Female Fronted Symphoic and Epic Metal Bands

Today’s new Spotify Playlist: Female Fronted Symphoic and Epic Metal Bands. This one will continue to grow, I just grabbed stuff off the top of my head. Hope you like it. Even my “I only like RnB and Divas” friends love this stuff.

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Veruca Salt – It’s Holy

I have lamented for years that Veruca Salt were gone. Their song Volcano Girls is still one of my all-time favorites and I’d always wished they’d kept going. Well… Since the Pixies are back, the Swans are back, Bob Mould is back… hey, even Alice In Chains and Soundgarden are back… why not Veruca Salt?

I love this song. They released a Record Store Day 10″ this past spring and looks like we’re getting a full album soon…


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Sinead O’Connor – Take Me To Church [Audio]

Take Me To Church from Sinead O’Connor’s upcoming album “I’m Not Bossy, I’m the Boss”

I’ll never forget being 18 and seeing the video for Troy. We’d never seen anything or really heard anything like that before.

There wasn’t a single bum track on that first album. Every song was an emotional lightning bolt to the forehead. No matter who you were, you could relate to what she was singing about.

Lion And The Cobra is still one of my absolute favorite albums ever. While some of her albums haven’t really clicked with me, I’ve always loved her…

No vinyl listed just yet, but you can pre-order the MP3 album and buy the song at Amazon now.

Follow Sinead:

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Jimmy Somerville celebrates the 30th anniversary of Small Town Boy

It’s been 30 years since Age Of Consent came out?

I have to admit that when this song came out, the video with his stark and honest depiction of a young gay man running away from home was a bit too much for me to really take and I completely turned my back on the band until their next album (without Jimmy) came out and it could just be a bit party.

I wasn’t ready for it at the time.

But since then I’ve grown to love that album and it’s pretty fun to see that 30 years later, he’s still got that same voice…

Filmed in May 2014 at Rak Studios, St Johns Wood, London
Vocals: Jimmy Somerville
Piano: Nick Nasmyth
Directed by: Freddie Hall (Twitter@FredHall89)
Director of Photography: Josh Adams (

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Rather gorgeous Eli Lieb single used in the equally gorgeous AllState commercial

Last year American insurance company Allstate launched an print ad campaign with the slogan “Being visible should never leave you feeling vulnerable” featuring a gay couple holding hands.

This year they up the anti by using this commercial which features a… well, their metaphor for being visibly gay is having an engorged hand. The rather confusing image aside, I’m loving the song and the commercial.

It’s also great to see even more companies openly courting the gay dollar and not trying to subliminally try to advertise to us but publicly insist that they’re not.

You can download both the original version and a remix of the song at the Allstate page.

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Let’s Talk About Positions and other sounds from my recent shoot..

This stuff kinda writes itself.

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Michael Jackson as we’d like to remember him.

Well, here it is, folks. The “new” music video for the “new” Michael Jackson song from the “new” Michael Jackson album. After the decreasing commercial success of his records starting with under-expectation sales of 1991’s Dangerous and continuing to the “dropped off the radar before it had a chance to crash” commercial and critical failure of his last real album “Invincible,” Michael took some time to regroup and planned a big comeback tour, album and rumored residency in Las Vegas. It never happened due to his being dead.

We can talk about how he died of just “being Michael Jackson,” but in the end, he’s a father of three young kids who died and that’s sad. So, it would seem, was the desperation of his family to right his financial ship by digging into the vaults and finding anything worth releasing.

The first post-mortem album, just called “Michael Jackson,” was an uninspiring collection of throw-away demos. He was just doing his own guide vocals and didn’t put much effort into doing a good performance… so bland that many questioned whether it was actually Michael’s voice on the recordings. But this new album… or.. collection of songs… actually has a few good singles on it. This could have been Michael’s comeback record if his own ego would let it come out. Although that’s doubtful. The “must be huge a grandiose” edict he seemed to get after his 1987 album Bad would have trashed a simple record of simple but good songs like this long before it made it to public ears. Which is why these songs (most of which are very old recordings) are only just coming out now.

To me the saddest part is that this is by FAR the best single he’s released since the late 80s. It’s also the best video since the mid 80s.

What makes this video so good is that it harkens back to the days when his songs made us want to just turn up the radio and sing along. Maybe we couldn’t dance or sing as well as him (note that Justin Timberlake requires auto tune to complete some of the long vocal runs that Michael did so effortlessly), but the songs were infectious and made us all want to sing along.

His videos stopped being tolerable after Beat It. Bloated budgets, way to much dialogue and acting and special effects and Michael acting weird. I guess “Scream” is a very good video and the song was pretty good but they both fell into that trap of Michael’s fame angst that was irritating beyond words. This is an actual song that wasn’t about how hard it was for Michael to be famous or healing the world by hanging out with kids. And the video isn’t all about Michael trying to look Badass. At least we’re seeing the Michael we all loved. Before he was killed, arguably, by his own fame.

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Is it weird that one of my favorite New Wave songs from the 80s is an Orange Fanta commercial?

I used to be very upset that I couldn’t buy the vinyl 45 of this. Although I do remember asking a record store clerk if there were any records like it and that introduced me to the Missing Persons, Martha and the Muffins, The B-52’s and The Motels.

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Material Girl

Meh… what else are you going to do when your hour-and-fourty minute drive takes over four hours because of the traffic?

We had to do something to entertain ourselves.

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Quercus (Oak)

I’m spellbound by this music.

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