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Gay Characters in otherwise Straight Movies Checklist.

Gay Characters in otherwise Straight Movies Checklist:

  1. Gay character is clinically depressed but still manages to entertain everyone by bursting out in song and dance. Extra points for using a song that gay people generally don’t like but straight people are embarrassed to admit they do. A good example of this would be the closeted gay brother in The Breakup making everyone at a dinner table sing “Owner Of A Lonely Heart” or the open gay best friend making everyone sing “Say A Little Prayer” in My Best Friend’s Wedding. Even if the character is alone, audience can be the defacto straight people laughing at the faggot like in “In and Out.”
  2. Gay character must appear in drag at least once. Failing this, must snap their fingers or give a really prissy laugh at something that isn’t really that funny.
  3. Gay character must let straight acquaintance pressure him into some manly sporting activity so we can laugh at what a wuss and how non-athletic he is. (In this case, mountain climbing)
  4. Gay character preferably lives in Los Angeles or other gay Mecca but has a failed love life and career.
  5. Should contain scene where Gay character bursts into tears. He appears weak for doing so.
  6. Must contain scene where straight person burst into tears and is supported by gay character who cheers them up with very wise, insightful comments and Chicken Soup for the Soul. Still somehow manages to be the weak one in this interaction.
  7. Gay character can’t be too good looking or in very good shape. Preferably juxtaposed by much more fit and attractive straight guy.
  8. We must spend most of our time laughing at or feeling sorry for gay character.
  9. If movie was shot before 2001, movie must end with gay character either being diagnosed with or dying of HIV.
  10. Folk Rock song over end credits.
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Not A Surprise To Most Of Us In The Industry… There Will Be No State-Wide Condom Law.

IMG_6082The state Senate Appropriations Committee did not act on AB 1576 today and the bill will not move forward.

I’ve had a lot of friends and followers send me very concerned messages about the proposed law that would have required condoms and STI testing and sero-sorting for all porn performers. Some I think were legitimately worried for my career (for the record, I never was) and some were just upset their bareback porn would now be produced in another state.

While a few studios ran to Vegas to produce (where porn is technically illegal to produce at all), most studios it seems didn’t buy the hype. Few of us thought it would pass. One exception was the noted and respect adult industry attorney Mark Randazza who was quoting as saying “I had my money on stupid winning this one.” So maybe it was more of a crap shoot than I thought.

AB 1576 was a very flawed piece of legislation that would have forced studios to jump through a bunch of unnecessary hoops in the interest of just shaming porn makers and hobbling their business. As long as the proper industry-mandated protocols have been followed, nobody has ever been infected on set of a porn shoot.

Diane Duke told XBIZ that the Free Speech Coalition was “grateful” to members of the Senate “who saw this bill for what it was — a bald-faced attempt to exploit performers for political gain.”

Which is all it was.

What few people realized was that the testing portion of the bill had already been struck as Assemblyman Isadore Hall of Compton, California attempted to get the condom-only piece through. Given the opposition to government mandated testing from other AIDS orgs, most people well-acquainted with the bill think it’s “very unlikely” that Hall/AHF will attempt to push testing again.

Adult industry attorney Allan Gelbard said “It would do nothing to protect public health, and actually would have the exact opposite effect as to protecting the health of performers. The fiscal effects on the state would be especially damaging.” And he was right.

Cal-OSHA will continue to push for mandatory condoms, most likely. But the industry will oppose it. And the fight will continue.

As you most likely know, I work for a gay porn studio that not only has a very strict condom policy, they have a very strict rule against working with performers that have performed in bareback movies. While a few people had assume that I would try to change this policy when I took the job of head of production… they were wrong. I fully support the condom-only policy of Titanmen and had no intention of challenging it.

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Battle For The Heart of Silverlake.

Screenshot 2014-08-07 20.19.03   I love my neighborhood of Silverlake where I’ve lived for nearly 10 years. It’s my home. I love my favorite coffee places and restaurants. I spend hours at Vacation Vinyl talking about music and buying records. It’s the kind of place where I can walk in and the owner or staff know just what has come in that I haven’t heard but will love. But eventually everything cool gets wrecked and now that we have an amazing Los Angeles neighborhood, all the monied trust fund brats are coming in and out-pricing the kinds of people who make the neighborhood special. We’ve seen other great areas like Venice Beach slowly become out of reach for nearly anyone but the richest of the rich. It’s sad to see. But it’s happy to see the people fighting back. Listen to the whole story at NPR. The house next to ours was torn down and built back up very quickly… and then sold to a couple to give to their 23 year-old daughter who’s in college. Because all 23 year-old college students need their own $750,000 house purchased for them. We really do need another French Revolution.

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How To Talk To Your Idiot Conservative Friends About the Hobby Lobby Decision.

Tired of your idiot conservative/Christian friends telling you that “the one picking up the tab shouldn’t have to pay for drugs they don’t approve of?”

While those of us who actually care about people other than ourselves know that we should all make our own healthcare decisions and not allow a doctor’s advice to be over-ridden by a hypocritical yet superstitious employer… Many of those arguments fall on dead ears. Mostly because it seems that the supporters of the Hobby Lobby decision don’t actually have female body parts or know how they work.

So while arguing with them, try to stay focused… Don’t mention that this clearly opens the door for employers to refuse to allow company health insurance to cover things like HIV meds or Hepatitis/HPV vaccines, that’s also something straight guys don’t think they have to worry about.

Don’t allow them to turn this into a “you just want to have your fun and make someone else pay for it” diatribe. Although if they do go there, remind them that Hobby Lobby still has no problem covering Viagra or vasectomies for men.

But most of all…

Please remind them that what a lot of men don’t understand (since they’re scared of lady parts) is that those drugs are also VERY commonly used by women to regulate and reduce pain caused by ovarian cysts (amongst other ailments) which most women are born with and become inflamed if their body is exposed to certain hormone levels. They can help women regulate their cycles and help reduce the symptoms of endometriosis.

They’re not just so they don’t get pregnant.

And of course… that health care is not some generous gift. It’s part of the pay package… the employees DO in fact, pay for it as part of their salary deductions. Hobby Lobby is actually NOT ALLOWING their employees to use THEIR MONEY that THEY EARNED to choose their own healthcare options.
THAT is the issue. Nobody is asking for anything for free. Nobody is asking for “drugs that kill babies.”

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