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Sorry, Everyone… there will be NO Josh Duggar Sex Tape…

I know how much this upsets you all… Vivid Entertainment — one of the top sellers of celebrity porn videos — has no interest in making a sex tape with the disgraced reality star! “Josh Duggar is an admitted child molester and therefore we would never ever have anything to do with him!” So that’s that. He’ll have […]

Chaka Khan performs It’s Raining Men

OK so we all love Chaka Khan. We all love the Weather Girls’ classic “It’s Raining Men.” One of the biggest surprises is how Chaka Khan didn’t actually seems to know the song well enough to perform it. But it’s still Chaka so even when she’s a it panicky about remembering any of the words […]

Embarrassingly Failed Attempts by Canadian Pop Stars to be Sexy.

Ricky J – No Means No A truly foul song that could better be described as “The Date Rape Song.” Somehow the song’s protagonist thinks that the bored-sounding female who keeps turning him down will change her mind as he begs her to “hit it” and “get up in it.” More confusing is his pleading […]

Whippedlash (Parody of Whiplash)

Whippedlash, a Whiplash Parody – watch more funny videos So when I’m not making porn, I spend a lot of time making some pretty diverse videos just for the fun of it. Here’s a Funny Or Die parody of the movie Whiplash that I made with some friends. You’ll recognize Heather Olt from Fox’s Justified […]