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There is water falling from the sky. What evil magic is this?

We’re almost promised an “El Niño” this fall and winter that will either end our horrible drought or kill thousands and create trillions in mud slide damage. That hasn’t happened yet. At least today we’re getting a slight reprieve from the three weeks of heat wave we’ve had here in LA.  

Day Drinking is SO much cooler when you call it “Going To Venice Beach.”

Sunday in LA. Too hot to go hiking or bike riding, too nice out to hide inside. Venice Beach is a very odd amalgam of street performers, street artists, hippies, body builders, skate boarders, stoners, tourists and locals who come to see the show. You’ll see some cool art, you’ll see some angry political radicals […]

Even Fox News thinks Kim Davis’ Lawyers are “Ridiculously Stupid.”

Even the far right-wing Fox News has had to concede that Kim Davis is “applying for the job of Martyr.” On Monday’s edition of Happening Now, trial attorney Chip Merlin pointed out that when a judge personally orders you do to something, you do it. You don’t have the option to ignore an order from a judge. […]

Vagina Wolf

This was a bit of a dream gig. Back in 1980 I was 11 and just discovering New Wave. My collection of 45s started to stack up higher and higher (my allowance afforded me two per week) and from my room, the sounds of The B-52’s, Blondie, The Flying Lizards, Martha And The Muffins, M, […]

Sorry, Everyone… there will be NO Josh Duggar Sex Tape…

I know how much this upsets you all… Vivid Entertainment — one of the top sellers of celebrity porn videos — has no interest in making a sex tape with the disgraced reality star! “Josh Duggar is an admitted child molester and therefore we would never ever have anything to do with him!” So that’s that. He’ll have […]

The Titanmen Summer Beach Party Playlist.

I put out the call to my Titanmen friends and asked for suggestions for a Summer Beach Party Playlist.. We got quite a few suggestions and they’re pretty varied… from the country song Dallas Steele suggested, the Classical track from Jesse Jackman, the trance from Hunter Marx, the classic 50s track from Dario Beck and the […]