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Anderson Cooper can’t say “Vagina.” So we have that in common.

Ok so… as you all know, I have directed gay porn movies for about 8 years. 10 if you count me producing live shows.

What some of you may NOT know is that while I was directing the Cocksure Men line for Jake Cruise… I also directed quite a few straight porn scenes for our “sister site” SG4GE (Straight Guys For Gay Eyes).


While I did that work for about 4 years… I never ONCE used a word for… that part of the female anatomy. I could use verbs like “lick” or “tongue” or “finger” but I could never actually assign a word to that particular body part.

And once while trying to get a proper under shot… I actually touched one with the back of my hand. I finished the shot, got up… ran to the green room, washed my hand and came back on set. Everyone laughed. They understood.


So Anderson…even though I’m sure you’d deny ever meeting me if we ever did…. just know that I feel your pain.

“Vagina” is also not “in my wheelhouse.”

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