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Vice does a rather horrifying story on Ex-Gay Conversion

Seeing these men… full of pain because they’re not the men they can ever be… makes the viewer go back between pity and revulsion, frustration. Many of us know gay and lesbian people who don’t fit the vile stereotypes they spout. And of course they seem to blame being gay for all of their shortcomings and failures… They aren’t married, don’t have kids, hate their parents, have addiction issues… it’s easier to blame something over which you have no control or power than to actually get to the root of their issues.

They even seem – just a bit – to acknowledge that there’s no real way to stop being gay. They know that deep down. But fighting the windmill is a lot easier than dealing with the real personal issues they have. Battling things like depression, the inability to socially fit in and parental issues is a lot harder than going to a place that blames all those issues on one thing… their being gay. They’re told that being gay is the route of all their issues and therefore if they find the magic cure to being gay… all their other problems will magically go away.

It’s 21st century snake oil. And while it’s never worked, it’s still a huge money-making business.

“In this special report, VICE gets exclusive access to one of the hundreds of gay-conversion-therapy organizations, groups, and sessions in the United States. At the Journey into Manhood program, men pay more than $600 to attend a weekend retreat where they participate in exercises and activities the staff members claim will help them battle their same-sex ­orientation. The only qualification to become a staff member is to have successfully completed the program.”

Keep reading at Vice.

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…and THAT is the closest you’ll ever see to me bottoming… while sober.

A completely work-inappropriate out-take from an as-yet-untitled Titanmen movie with Adam Herst and Eric Nero.

This was the first-ever scene that Eric shot (although he’ll make his debut in Pacific Coast coming out very soon at Titanmen) and I was teaching him how to pose so we could see everything while he was bottoming in missionary position.

This movie should be out in a couple of months (without my bearish ass, you’ll be happy to hear).

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How to Colour Correct an Asshole with your Host Jasun Mark.

Why learn how to do Final Cut Pro with boring stock images when you can use porn, right?

I figured I’d give you a bit of a glimpse into the techniques of how I do my colour correcting the edited movies. Doing the final polish on colour is when you take it from being an edited video to a movie. That means a lot of what we call “Pixel Fucking.”

Here’s me colour correcting a 5-second clip from the upcoming Titanmen movie Pacific Coast starring Ricky Decker and Eric Nero. Pacific Coast also stars Titanmen Exclusives Hunter Marx and Jesse Jackman with Trent Davis and Donnie Dean.

hope you enjoy…

Coming out soon at

Eric Himan sings my request…

Eric Himan sings my request…

I’ll admit I feel a BIT bad about asking for this. Borderline is a song I’ve liked since I was a teenager and it was one of the hardest records to find. I think even back in the late 80s I paid $50 for a copy of that single. The Catch was a one-single wonder. Comprised of Annie Lennox, Dave Stewart and Peet Coombs, they added two other members the year later and re-named themselves The Tourists and four years after that, whittled down to just Dave and Annie and re-named themselves The Eurythmics.

Anyway… When Eric (who is a friend of mine IRL) did his kickstarter for his new album I made a donation and asked if he’d cover it. It’s maybe a TAD out of his range.


here’s the original.