August 2014

Oh, that moon…


Staying at The Creekside Inn. We love our little cabin but I do wish that big round skylight was… Coverable.

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Happy Dark with @DJTristanJaxx

I’ve always really like Tristan and his partner Cavin Knight. They were two of my favorite men to work with and their leaving porn behind for their party promotion and other stuff was certainly a bit bittersweet for me.

But it’s still fun to see all the fun they’re having. Here’s Tristan’s Podomatic page.

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The Drive Up To Lazy Bear…


It’s a 7-hour drive. So a lot of people fly. We just take turns at the wheel, listen to music, talk, play games and get there. While there are a few night events like Bon fires, Lazy Bear is all about the pool parties and afternoon events. I’ll let you know everything I’m up to…

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