Photo Shoot: Eric Nero

New Titanmen performer Eric Nero (that I can’t wait for you to see in action) and I were taking a dip in the blazing hot Palm Springs sun on the last Titanmen shoot I did. I had all of my cheap plastic Lomography cameras with me and I decided to get creative.

I did one pass on the film using an underwater housing and a bit of a sun filter on my Fisheye 2 camera, then rewound it and loaded it up into my Sprocket Rocket camera and shot close ups of the palm trees by the pool. The effect is pretty stunning. I wish I could print the whole thing out 5′ high and have it on my wall (which would have to be about 100 yards long if I did that).

Instead, I cut it up into the best parts and I’m really happy with the result.


Not A Surprise To Most Of Us In The Industry… There Will Be No State-Wide Condom Law.

IMG_6082The state Senate Appropriations Committee did not act on AB 1576 today and the bill will not move forward.

I’ve had a lot of friends and followers send me very concerned messages about the proposed law that would have required condoms and STI testing and sero-sorting for all porn performers. Some I think were legitimately worried for my career (for the record, I never was) and some were just upset their bareback porn would now be produced in another state.

While a few studios ran to Vegas to produce (where porn is technically illegal to produce at all), most studios it seems didn’t buy the hype. Few of us thought it would pass. One exception was the noted and respect adult industry attorney Mark Randazza who was quoting as saying “I had my money on stupid winning this one.” So maybe it was more of a crap shoot than I thought.

AB 1576 was a very flawed piece of legislation that would have forced studios to jump through a bunch of unnecessary hoops in the interest of just shaming porn makers and hobbling their business. As long as the proper industry-mandated protocols have been followed, nobody has ever been infected on set of a porn shoot.

Diane Duke told XBIZ that the Free Speech Coalition was “grateful” to members of the Senate “who saw this bill for what it was — a bald-faced attempt to exploit performers for political gain.”

Which is all it was.

What few people realized was that the testing portion of the bill had already been struck as Assemblyman Isadore Hall of Compton, California attempted to get the condom-only piece through. Given the opposition to government mandated testing from other AIDS orgs, most people well-acquainted with the bill think it’s “very unlikely” that Hall/AHF will attempt to push testing again.

Adult industry attorney Allan Gelbard said “It would do nothing to protect public health, and actually would have the exact opposite effect as to protecting the health of performers. The fiscal effects on the state would be especially damaging.” And he was right.

Cal-OSHA will continue to push for mandatory condoms, most likely. But the industry will oppose it. And the fight will continue.

As you most likely know, I work for a gay porn studio that not only has a very strict condom policy, they have a very strict rule against working with performers that have performed in bareback movies. While a few people had assume that I would try to change this policy when I took the job of head of production… they were wrong. I fully support the condom-only policy of Titanmen and had no intention of challenging it.


Paul Wilde’s Last Day

It was rather bitter sweet, really.

Paul and I had met on the set of Incubus, the first Titanmen movie I’d worked on. Neither of us knew it at the time, but Brian Mills had been planning to retire from porn for a while and pursue other interests and was looking for someone to replace him.

That someone was me.

Paul wasn’t really expecting, I don’t think, to ever have the captain’s chair at Titan. He was always happy directing the Titan Rough movies and the odd Titanmen feature. He always had a way of making those fetish movies pop off the screen and his movie Slick Dogs is still one of my favorites. I also loved Triage.

After Brian left and Paul took over, he and I were thrust together to be the two directors of Titanmen. We both have VERY different styles of doing everything which meant that we argued a lot about stuff, thus leading to, I think, some fantastic movies.

Paul left Titanmen late last winter and with very little public fanfare, I was dragged kicking and screaming ushered to the captain’s chair myself. Being head of production of my favorite porn studio ever is both a wonderful and terrifying prospect but with the two mentors I’ve had at this studio (three if you count Joe Gage who’s been such an amazing influence on me… but we’ll get to him another time), I think I’ve got about as much on-the-job training as I can have.

This video was shot when we wrapped the final scene on his last shot movie (there will be more he did coming out later), Fast Paced.

We all wish Paul luck.

(now wish it for me…)

Bob Mould “Tiny Desk Concert”

Bob Mould, punk rock Godfather and cultural icon dropped by the NPR studios to do a very impromptu 4-song set. Three of the songs were from his latest album Beauty And Ruin (a personal favorite that spends a lot of time on my turn table lately) plus one classic Hüsker Dü song, ‘Makes No Sense At All.’

It’s easy to forget just how many songs from his career have been part of the soundtrack of my life. With so many incarnations (he also fronted the early 90s band Sugar), unless you’re engaged enough, you might not realize you know that many songs from his catalogue.

Anyway.. pick up the vinyl of his album here. Enjoy the show.

Download the whole show from the NPR site.

Ian Parks

Shooting a few scenes for some up-coming projects including my next Titanmen movies Bad Cop and Hardly Working (all titles are tentative until they’re official, so that’s a working title).

My buddy the handsome and talented Ian Parks happened to be in town, so he came by the house for a dip in the pool and I hauled out my camera and we snapped a few pictures. Because that’s how I roll.

Ian can be seen in Where The Bears Are.

Season 3 is starting soon…

Check out the pictures full size after the jump… Read more

Island House Here We Come…

Carlo and I have been regular visitors to Island House in Key West for a few years now. It’s like our home away from home. The “best gay resort in the world” was listed for sale recently and all the fans and regulars were a bit nervous… would the new owners change it away from the pitch-perfect place we’d grown to know and love?

Seems so… because no prospective buyers were interested in keeping Island House the same. So instead of selling out and seeing such a special thing go away, Island House was taken off the market.

To celebrate, we booked an extended 10-day stay at our favorite get away. We’ll be there at the beginning of October. I can’t wait.

The above video was one I edited a couple years ago for their “Island House After Dark” campaign. But here’s a video where I answer a few Frequently Asked Questions about it…

And of course, my first visit there…

and finally… some of the debauchery that I get to when I’m there…