Where The Bears Are S3 Ep5

Wood (Joe Dietl) makes an appointment as a patient at his ex-boyfriend Austin Walker’s chiropractor office in order to keep him distracted while Reggie and Todd comb the place for evidence linking him to the Cody Summers murder. Meanwhile, Nelson anxiously awaits word on whether he got the potentially career changing role of the small town sheriff in the low budget indie horror movie.

Where The Bears Are Season 3 Episode 4

WHERE THE BEARS ARE is a web series following the exploits of 3 bear roommates sharing a house in the hills of Silverlake. It is “The Golden Girls” meets “Murder She Wrote” with big, hairy, gay men. Season 3 premieres August 11th, 2014, and consists of 22 TOTAL EPISODES! New EPISODES every MONDAY and THURSDAY.

While searching for clues in the Cody Summers murder, the Bears are surprised to discover Susie Collins (Loretta Fox) has been reinstated as the County Coroner after a multi-million dollar lawsuit and has used some of her settlement money to splurge on breast implants and a hunky new lab assistant named Big Ben (Piankhi Iknation). Meanwhile, Nelson (Ben Zook) is determined to get a glimpse of an actual dead body in the morgue in preparation for his upcoming horror movie audition. Wood: Joe Dietl. Reggie: Rick Copp. Dead Body: Michael Atanante.

The Real Reason MTV Doesn’t Play Music Videos Anymore.

Yeah, I also miss the old days when you’d just leave the music station playing (for me it was Much Music, Canada’s music station) while you went about your day. You’d just have it on. You’d study, do your dishes, chat with your friends, read magazines… anything. If a song came on that you really loved, you’d watch but if not, you’d just let it play and occasionally look up to see what Madonna was wearing or who was interviewing Duran Duran.

Those days are gone.

Like all our entertainment, music is now something that we get on demand. We don’t let others program it for us, we watch what we want on Youtube or Hulu or Vemo. We make our own playlists or scroll down Facebook to see what our friends “liked.”

There’s no need for a music station and if there was… there would be one. They didn’t stop showing videos because they wanted to serve up shitty reality shows, they stopped showing videos because it was clear that when they played music, people turned it off and only watched when it was those horrible reality shows. That’s why.

He’s also right that it was that generation who pioneered Napster and Limewire and Torrents who stole the music. And it’s not just music. It baffles me how many people will tell me that they love my movies and watch them on some pirate porn site for free. They’ll sometimes gush about how much they love my movies and then laugh at how they don’t pay for them. I’ll give them a blank look and say “you realize that I have to pay my crew, my performers, I have to pay for flights, food, locations, editors, distribution and… maybe telling me that you love what I do but think it’s funny that you don’t think I deserve to pay my rent isn’t a way to endear yourself to me.

Anyway… I love Cracked, I love this video and yeah… I miss the days when music videos were art and not just places to sell cell phones and gadgets to people.

The Men of “Morning Wood.”


Here it is… My new Titanmen movie Morning Wood. I had originally wanted to call it “Morningwood” and make it into a sort of soap opera parody set in the coastal town of Morningwood. However… as my work schedule exploded once I became head of production here at Titan… a few of my silly projects had to be scaled back a bit (I’m still planning on Dick Danger 2: Return Of the Dick, though).

I’m still left with three really hot scenes that all take place with men in the morning. We all have some morning wood, right?

Starring Jesse Jackman, Tom Wolfe, Dario Beck, Nick Prescott, Josh West and Tyler Edwards.

Chris Kluwe’s Anti-LGBT Discrimination Settlement Gets 5 Charities ‘Substantial Amount’ – The New Civil Rights Movement

Chris Kluwe’s Anti-LGBT Discrimination Settlement Gets 5 Charities ‘Substantial Amount’ – The New Civil Rights Movement.

Good Morning…

So yesterday was quite a whirlwind of a day and I crawled my ass into bed by about 11 and slept like a corpse. While the fresh, dry air in Palm Springs will help you sleep really well here, I had quite the day yesterday. But that porn ain’t gonna make itself so I’m already back at it.

New Titanmen performer Tyler Rush just arrived at the airport last night and we’re going to shoot a scene with him and Hans Berlin.

So today started like every other day. Dragging my sorry ass out of bed, making my morning “Green Man Smoothie” (2 big handfuls of baby kale, half a banana, 5 frozen strawberries, almond milk, unsweetened chocolate powder and a tablespoon of ground flax seed), a cup of coffee – black like my heart, and a few minutes of half-assed pushups and lunges.

Wish me luck, gents…


Shut Up, Jasun: Hardly Working

Production Run Day One. Finally finished. A new cameraman to train, the return of Jay Bentley. Shooting outside in the 113° heat of Palm Springs, we had a lighting failure, a near-disaster with a tripod knock-over, our caterer broke his ankle, my printer ran out of ink while printing out release forms… But we made it. Data transferred, Tyler Rush picked up at the airport, tomorrow’s scene all planned and I’m ready to tackle tomorrow after a nice long sleep. Which I really need…

If you want to rent the house where we’re shooting, check out the website at http://www.psmid-century.com

Disney Prince Dicks. No Really.

czrrushdkvigait04wy1OK yes, I think we’re all occasionally guilty of getting a bit fixated on fictional characters. I’ll admit to having wanked off to the bad guy in Titan A.E. whose name I forget and I’m sure I had a few filthy dreams about Batman.

So did you and don’t lie.

The crowd over at Jezebel took it a step further with these… imagined naked cartoon portraits of Disney princes.

Which.. hey… why not?

Now for a website that seems to maybe lay it on a bit thick with the anti-sexist slant every so often and all, I’m maybe a bit confused by their clear desperation to sink to a few vaguely offensive stereotypes… muscle men have tiny dicks, black men have huge dicks, most of the white guys are cut.

But meh.. I’ll forget all that because..




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