July 2014

Holly Johnson. On BBC Radio on Sunday Morning. Times have changed.

It was about 30 years ago when I first heard “Relax” come blaring out of the speakers in my high school cafeteria as the “closed circuit radio station” dared to play it. At the time it was just an aural assault to me. Knowing nothing about the band or even the lyrical content of the song, it was just a smashing, overwhelming melding of electronic noise, desperately emotive vocals and a heavy rock ‘n’ roll band.

The next Saturday, I hopped a train and got to the closest city where I could buy the record. At the time all that was available was an import 12″ single that cost me two week’s allowance. But I got it home and played it on continuous repeat for about a month. Soon after, Boy George mentioned in an interview that both Holly and Paul were gay. I was even more excited.

Within a month, their second single “Two Tribes” was getting played on the video shows and again I trucked it up to Moncton to get the 7″ single. Again… played it to death. Not long after, more 12″ singles of both songs were available.. I got them all.. a third single followed along with a video that was just a reenactment of the Christmas story.

Frankie Goes to Hollywood managed to be everything controversial… sex, love, politics, religion, violence, homosexuality and commercialism.

They burned out hot and fast but their fan base has never stopped loving them. Occasional rumors of a reunion have never materialized… but I do hold out hope.

Holly, however, is back. Looking and sounding great.

His new album Europa will be out soon.. preorder it on vinyl now.

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Fave Song of the Day – I Won’t Let You Go by Snow Patrol

From the Divergent Soundtrack. For a medium-budget film adaptation of a dystopian YA novel, it’s surprisingly entertaining.

I did like the book series a lot and while they left out a few of the key parts of the book I thought were important… I thought they did a good job of putting it on screen. Looking forward to part 2.

And yes… it’s on vinyl.

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I’m Going to Lazy Bear


Heading up to Russian River in a few days for a few MORE days of partying by the pool with a bunch of big hairy guys.

I’ll tell you all about it here..

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This is apparently the “Most Relaxing Song Every Recorded” according to scientists.

For women, anyway.

A team from Mindlab International hired by Radox Spa conducted experiments with music, intentionally frustrating women with puzzles and then playing them music and testing stress indicators found that Weightless by Marconi Union reduced overall anxiety by 65% and brought them to a level 35%lower than their usual resting rates. Using intentionally sparse spaces between notes with none retesting, the brain stops trying to predict what’s next and the 8-minute length allows a 5-minute come-down period followed by three minutes of maximum relaxation.

Crazy as it sounds, it works. Go figure.

I highly recommend listening to this with headphones in the evening before going to bed.

You can find it on Just Music Cafe: Ambeint Zone 4.

The top ten relaxing songs, according to this study, are:

1. Marconi Union – Weightless
2. Airstream – Electra
3. DJ Shah – Mellomaniac (Chill Out Mix)
4. Enya – Watermark
5. Coldplay – Strawberry Swing
6. Barcelona – Please Don’t Go
7. All Saints – Pure Shores
8. Adelev Someone Like You
9. Mozart – Canzonetta Sull’aria
10. Cafe Del Mar – We Can Fly

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Gravity Score on Blue Marbled Vinyl

Sounds just amazing. Truly a fantastic pressing. And Steve Price’s score is beautiful.

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This new Peter Murphy album is possibly his best ever…

Seriously… I’m sitting here with the album spinning on my turn table and I’m in awe.

Peter Murphy’s new album is called Lion and it’s everything you’d expect from the Godfather of everyone who wears black. Dark, lush, haunting, beautiful, emotional and still clean and clear. Perfect.

(and since many of you asked, THIS IS THE TURNTABLE YOU SHOULD BUY)

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New trailer for MockingJay.

New 'Hunger Games: Mockingjay' teaser by Zoomin_Canada

It’s the best of the three books. Can’t wait to see how they do it.

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Beautifully Handled Post-DADT Story on The Night Shift (Spoiler Alert)

The hybrid Hospital/Military NBC Soap Opera “The Night Shift” introduced and outed the military doctor Drew Alistar (Brendan Fehr) in the pilot episode but he’s kept his sexuality very hidden until this week’s episode where his boyfriend (played by the very handsome, Canadian and very out Luke MacFarland) returned from Afghanistan as a patient.


While Drew stayed closeted and playing “the friend from school” for most of the episode, the final moments were beautifully handled and it’s great to see an actual gay soldier story in the post DADT world shown on national broadcast TV.

While the One Million Moms would usually go on full-on hysteria alert because of it, Nightshift has announced that they’re on for a second season so without the hopes of claiming victory for a cancellation like they usually do… they’ll probably keep their uptight traps shut on this one.

Personal Note: Brendan Fehr (whom some of you will remember from Roswell) had been poorly quoted by Gay Star News as saying that kissing a man was “Uncomfortable” and I called him out on Twitter for it. Brendan answered me back, quite nicely, and explained that the quote had been edited down in such a way that it took away the rather positive spin he put on it in his interview for Too Fab.

You can thank him on Twitter yourself.

Seriously, guys, it was the best and most emotionally-charged dude/dude kiss since the Captain Jack Harkness episode of Torchwood.

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Female Fronted Symphoic and Epic Metal Bands

Today’s new Spotify Playlist: Female Fronted Symphoic and Epic Metal Bands. This one will continue to grow, I just grabbed stuff off the top of my head. Hope you like it. Even my “I only like RnB and Divas” friends love this stuff.

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How To Talk To Your Idiot Conservative Friends About the Hobby Lobby Decision.

Tired of your idiot conservative/Christian friends telling you that “the one picking up the tab shouldn’t have to pay for drugs they don’t approve of?”

While those of us who actually care about people other than ourselves know that we should all make our own healthcare decisions and not allow a doctor’s advice to be over-ridden by a hypocritical yet superstitious employer… Many of those arguments fall on dead ears. Mostly because it seems that the supporters of the Hobby Lobby decision don’t actually have female body parts or know how they work.

So while arguing with them, try to stay focused… Don’t mention that this clearly opens the door for employers to refuse to allow company health insurance to cover things like HIV meds or Hepatitis/HPV vaccines, that’s also something straight guys don’t think they have to worry about.

Don’t allow them to turn this into a “you just want to have your fun and make someone else pay for it” diatribe. Although if they do go there, remind them that Hobby Lobby still has no problem covering Viagra or vasectomies for men.

But most of all…

Please remind them that what a lot of men don’t understand (since they’re scared of lady parts) is that those drugs are also VERY commonly used by women to regulate and reduce pain caused by ovarian cysts (amongst other ailments) which most women are born with and become inflamed if their body is exposed to certain hormone levels. They can help women regulate their cycles and help reduce the symptoms of endometriosis.

They’re not just so they don’t get pregnant.

And of course… that health care is not some generous gift. It’s part of the pay package… the employees DO in fact, pay for it as part of their salary deductions. Hobby Lobby is actually NOT ALLOWING their employees to use THEIR MONEY that THEY EARNED to choose their own healthcare options.
THAT is the issue. Nobody is asking for anything for free. Nobody is asking for “drugs that kill babies.”

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