Project: Phoenix – And So It Begins (Episode 2)

Now the story really gets going. Our Zombie-themed, Sci-Fi web series Project: Phoenix is already getting fans and attention. Here’s episode 2, And So It Begins.

Watch for appearances by former gay porn star Jeremy Bilding (using his real name Adam Cuculich) along with former Catwoman Lee Meriwether, gay Australian rugby player Ian Roberts and high-profile Hollywood stuntman James Logan taking a turn as actor.

Keep checking weekly for new episodes.

Naked Man having an episode in a Tesla

Some guy with a Tesla freaked out on the PCH yesterday and started dancing naked out of the sunroof of his car. People were more upset about the traffic it created.

Apparently the guy then jumped back into his car, drove away, proved that you can’t do anything without hitting a Mini Cooper in Los Angeles by hitting a Mini Cooper and is now in a psychiatric hospital of some kind.

Nice butt.

via Gawker.

Making Your Own Almond Milk. Easier Than You Thought.

Want to find a good alternative to dairy milk, which contains hormones, puss, blood and all sorts of other downright disgusting things? I was using store-bought almond milk but honestly it’s not really that great in itself. Contains soy-lecithin, all sorts of sweeteners, emulsifiers and stuff I can’t pronounce. If you don’t know what something is in your food… don’t eat it.

nutsIt’s been my goal to become more paleo-vegan by removing any thing processed from my diet and eat “real foods.” Eating things found in nature.

So this week, I decided to make my own almond milk. I figured this was going to be some weird process with all sorts of steps but it’s so easy I’m a bit embarrassed I hadn’t done this before.

You MUST have a Masticating Juicer. I said “Masticating.”  I suggest this Omega juicer. There are many out there.

Step One: Take a jar or large jug and fill it about 3/4 with raw almonds. Sliced, whole, crushed… doesn’t really matter. I used sliced that I got in a huge bag from Costco.

latteStep Two: Fill the jar with filtered water. Put it in the fridge. Leave it overnight.

Step Three: Using a Masticating juicer, spoon the almonds in slowly. The first pass will be more thick and creamy… that’s generally best as a creamer for coffee. If you want a consistency closer to milk, feed all the nut pulp back through. It usually won’t budge out and well just grind up in side the juicer. Pour the water you soaked the almonds in to wash it out and you’ll get a huge amount of almond milk coming out.

Step Four: I keep mine in a Mason Jar with a lid on it in the fridge. This isn’t homogenized so it will separate and you’ll need to shake it before using it. Expect it to last about 5-6 days, but if you’re like me, you’ll have already gone through it by that point.

Step Five: The remaining almond pulp can be used as almond flour. Spread it on a cookie Sheet, heat it up for about 10 minutes in the oven to dry it out as much as possible. Almond flour can be used in making, cookies, thickening oatmeal, pancakes and even some soups.

My first day on set at Titanmen

That this video exists is something of a miracle. It’s been two and a half years since that day and I’m kinda blown away that it’s suddenly surfaced. Brian Mills had to test out the GoPro head cam that we were planning on using later that day to shoot Francois walking around in the desert.

He put the camera on his head and just went about his day directing like normal. This is about as close to “what it’s like to be a gay porn director” as you’ll ever get. Watching his skill in being totally aware of what was going on everywhere and directing it like this is… a skill I’m only just starting to get.

There are a lot more of these. I’ll post them.