Can we please stop hating on Star Trek Into Darkness?

I finally got my Star Trek Into Darkness soundtrack on vinyl this week. It’s been delayed for months and I’d given up hope that it would ever actually get released.





Entertainment Weekly’s Popwatch blog recently posted a story about how, while the movie was initially well-received, the disdain toward it grew and now even the writers and director and producers have met the angry response with an equally angry response that really serves no one.

I was one of the guys who figured out we were about to be given a remake of Wrath Of Khan a month or so before the movie came out. I flat-out refused to see the movie because I HATED Khan.

I was pissed because I loved the first Star Trek reboot and had been looking forward to this movie for ages. Called “Into Darkness,” it gave the impression that we’d made it through a very bright, lens-flare-filled and optimistic film and would now watch at the new timeline created in the first film was plunged into war. Instead, we rebooted the whole Star Trek Universe only to have the same old tired characters and stories retold to us yet again.

But I got over it quickly and saw the movie two weeks into it’s run. And while I agreed with every one of the complaints (tired characters, overly-familiar stories, confusing plot points, nothing particularly exciting to see that we hadn’t seen before other than a bright red planet in the opening minutes), I still enjoy the movie a lot. Because all the petty complaints aside, it’s a good movie.

Let’s hope the third one will give us just what we want. We all knew eventually they’d have to truck out Klingons, Khan, Tribbles, blowing up San Francisco, Kirk’s future baby mama and breaking the Prime Directive.

Let’s be happy they did it all in one film and now we can REALLY go where none of us have gone before.

No. I do not want to join Google Fucking Plus.

15107_437399769688358_1639857403_nI know a guy who works at Google. He’s a really nice guy… I like him… this isn’t aimed at him. However… I once went to a party at his house that was attended pretty much by nothing but Google employees and honestly, it was like being at an Assburger’s Anonymous meeting (and yes, I know I spelled that incorrectly).

I have never been surrounded by that many socially retarded people in my life. Somehow the subject of my blog and Twitter came up and I mentioned how I can’t promote my work o Facebook because of the adult settings. They asked in a creepy unison if I was on Google+. Like… CREEPY Unison “are you on Google Plus?” the same way you’d expect the pod people to say “JOIN US” in a remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

I told them that I’d had a Google+ account but that for the life of me I couldn’t figure out what the fuck it did. That was met with silence from most and one guy saying “it’s a social network.”

Thanks. ughlkgh.

Anyway… I asked, “what does it… do?”

They then all launched into this weird cacophony of “it’s like Twitter where you can follow anyone you want. But you’re not limited to 140 characters” and “Like Facebook but just because someone adds you, doesn’t mean that you have to add them” or “it allows you to compartmentalize your friends… like… if I was friends with you, I wouldn’t want my other friends or family to know that… because you know…. they would see you and what you do.”

Yes, one of the social retards of Google actually said that to me. In a tone of “isn’t this great?”

Then I said “ok so… you add me to your circle of people you’re embarrassed to know but only you see what I post but if I haven’t added you to a circle and don’t follow you… what comes up on your feed… like do I also have to have a circle of ‘People Who Are Embarrassed to Know Me” for it to show up on their feed?” That was met with a confused silence. “and… how would their friends and family who they aren’t embarrassed to know know that they’re friends with me or see what I posted? If you follow someone, do you also see what they follow? I don’t get how that works.”

“It’s like Twitter… but you can post longer and have more conversations.. But like Facebook because you can post links to other things. And you can keep your family separate from things you don’t want them to know about. You know those things you don’t want your parents to know about?”

“no. my parents know everything.”

Another long silence.

After that excruciating night, I understand why Google has been woefully unable to launch a social network. If you’re that socially retarded… nobody wants to be your friend.

Heavens Rise Book Trailer

A couple of weeks ago after I’d returned from a short production run and I was taking a day to just relax, my friend Christopher Rice called (yes, I’m name dropping, fucking sue me) and asked if I’d be interested in directing a trailer for his new book Heavens Rise.

Years before we met I became a huge fan. I love his books and I’ve said many times that I’d love to one day direct a movie version of his book Light Before Day. Although it would be very hard to properly tell a story like that.

I jumped at the chance, and besides, the book trailers that he’d sent me as a sort of rough idea of what he wanted looked very simple to do. So I figured it wouldn’t take me more than a few hours. Chris wrote a script and gave me a few rough ideas on the look and feel he wanted, we threw around a few ideas on how it should be made. I suggested a motion comic and he loved the idea.

Well… fast forward a couple of weeks of very late nights, audio recording sessions, enlisting the help of comic book artist (and the man who designed and did all of my tattoo work) Dave Davenport… and here it is.