Emotional Roller Coaster Ride…


I’m on the front porch of my house in my secluded, private garden and I’m crying. This fucked up emotional roller coaster and keep away game and fake outs has been going on for years and it just hit me that…. it’s over. we won.

So much build up and I woke up to a brand new world that broke while I was asleep.

I realize it isn’t REALLY over… there are still 37 states where we have to work to get marriage equality and if we learned anything from the events of yesterday it’s that the fight will never really be over. With the Voting Rights being struck down, Texas took less than two hours to move on their voter ID laws and gerrymandering to disenfranchise as many voters as they could and then late last night, they committed flagrant voter fraud in front of a quarter of a million people watching it live and then arrested the women protesting… There’s a lot of work to be done. But today… the Texas SB5 law they pretended got passed was begrudgingly declared dead and now DOMA and Prop8 are gone forever.

So while we know that we can never stop fighting… we know that together… we CAN win this.

So let’s now focus on those 37 states and rebuilding voting rights for all Americans.

…after we party a bit tonight.

Gay Porn Star Road Trip Kiki Karaoke

Justin King, Dario Beck and I make the best of being stuck in rush hour traffic while driving from Los Angeles to Palm Springs. You can’t get any gayer than two gay porn stars and a gay porn director lip-dubbing a Scissor Sisters song covered by Sarah Jessica Parker and the cast of Glee while driving to Palm Springs to make a gay porn movie. Enjoy…