Canadians… is there NOTHING they can’t do?

Ok so… I’ve talked about how one of my best friends works for NASA, currently on one of the Mars projects (not Curiosity, btw… and no, it’s not Bobak). And I’ve always been fascinated by the things he does and talks about. It’s not often that you have a stunningly hot gay muscle skinhead who comes to your house and tells you about the work he’s doing on Spaceships while you share a cigar and a martini. Unless you’re me, and then it happens maybe once a month.

Anyway… Chris Hadfield, Canadian astronaut, sings “Space Oddity.” Beautifully. And plays the guitar. Well.

More than that, this is the first time a music video that’s set in space is actually shot in space and uses no CGI in any way at all. The video is stunning… beautiful. And gorgeously edited and directed. I also would like to note that while I was very upset when Baz Lurhman changed “Heroes” for his movie Moulin Rouge, but I’m just fine with Chris changing up the end of this song to allow Major Tom to make it home to earth.

Since people have asked, yes… he’s actually recording an album. In Space.

David Bowie’s response on his Facebook page: “It’s possibly the most poignant version of the song ever created.”