Heavens Rise Book Trailer

A couple of weeks ago after I’d returned from a short production run and I was taking a day to just relax, my friend Christopher Rice called (yes, I’m name dropping, fucking sue me) and asked if I’d be interested in directing a trailer for his new book Heavens Rise.

Years before we met I became a huge fan. I love his books and I’ve said many times that I’d love to one day direct a movie version of his book Light Before Day. Although it would be very hard to properly tell a story like that.

I jumped at the chance, and besides, the book trailers that he’d sent me as a sort of rough idea of what he wanted looked very simple to do. So I figured it wouldn’t take me more than a few hours. Chris wrote a script and gave me a few rough ideas on the look and feel he wanted, we threw around a few ideas on how it should be made. I suggested a motion comic and he loved the idea.

Well… fast forward a couple of weeks of very late nights, audio recording sessions, enlisting the help of comic book artist (and the man who designed and did all of my tattoo work) Dave Davenport… and here it is.

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