Car Karaoke “Go”

After a rather long and exhausting week of shooting the movies Swap and Muscle Daddies.. I climbed into the car with Jesse Jackman, Liam Knox and newcomer Steve Roman. We had some fun… sang a Kelly Clarkson song and confused the locals in Palm Springs.


The scariest part of the debate last night wasn’t anything that anyone said.


Four years ago I posted a picture of Mitt Romney giving a very dark, dirty and angry look at Candy Crowley during the last debate. Mitt Romney, rich white Mormon, was not used to having someone talk back to him. Especially a woman.  (there was an equally disturbing picture of one of Mitt’s sons in the audience looking like a demon about to make something burst into flame. the nightmare-inspiring picture became its own meme.)

Rich white guys like that are used to being able to say anything they want and not have someone else tell them they’re wrong.

Last night it was worse. Donald Trump, a rich white guy, isn’t used to having anyone pin him down or tell him to answer a question or to stop talking. Last night he had two women and a gay man doing just that and he was visibly shaken. Angry. But in a dark way.

By the end of the debate he had threatened to have Hillary put in jail, wasted about a minute whining about his time limit, grabbed a chair to hump it in some sort of chest-beating dominance thing, and was finally reduced to ominously creeping behind Hillary in a very misguided attempt to psyche her out. He failed.

This is the look of man who is seething with fury at a stronger woman who isn’t willing to be subordinate to him or anyone. This is a dark anger that we haven’t seen even from him before.

This should scare us even more than anything else because this is the look of someone who won’t accept not getting his way. This is the look of someone who’ll start a nuclear war over a trade dispute. We can’t let this man near the White House.

Dear, Donald Trump

doubt-meryl-streep_lDear Donald Trump,

Hillary has been preparing for this exact attack for literally 20 years, you silly boy.

She is ready for you.

luv, Jasun.

Gay Porn Star Car Karaoke Telephone

After an exhausting week of shooting our new movie here in Palm Springs, we decided to have some fun on the way to the gym. We work hard, we play hard.

Or… I guess in this case, we lip sync to Lady Gaga songs.

Jason Vario in the front seat with me, Alex Graham and Jesse Jackman in the back seat.